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Non Datatable Component Event Demo

Debugging Values:

array:6 [
  "query" => "select "users"."id" as "id", "users"."sort" as "sort", "users"."name" as "name", "users"."email" as "email", "addresses"."address" as "address.address", "address_groups"."name" as "address.group.name", "cities"."name" as "address.group.city.name", "users"."active" as "active", "users"."email_verified_at" as "email_verified_at" from "users" left join "addresses" on "addresses"."user_id" = "users"."id" left join "address_groups" on "addresses"."address_group_id" = "address_groups"."id" left join "cities" on "address_groups"."city_id" = "cities"."id" limit 10 offset 0"
  "filters" => array:7 [
    "name" => null
    "e-mail" => null
    "tags" => []
    "email_verified_at" => null
    "active" => null
    "verified_from" => null
    "verified_to" => null
  "sorts" => []
  "search" => null
  "select-all" => false
  "selected" => []
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Reed Osinski bruen.isidro@example.org East Juliefurt, Sigurdstad
Zoe Reichert nick52@example.org Port Mario, Port Eliseofort
Zion Kozey dedrick38@example.net Enolaview, Port Mario
Diana Veum epadberg@example.org Bahringerport, Port Eliseofort
Cleora Blanda spinka.delilah@example.org Port Mario, Port Mario
Palma Prohaska cathy45@example.net East Juliefurt, Enolaview
Emerson Lynch jhermiston@example.net Port Eliseofort, Krajcikstad
Prof. Flavio Macejkovic gilda.hayes@example.com Port Eliseofort, Port Eliseofort
Lou Kozey DDS jschmitt@example.net Port Mario, Port Eliseofort
Jaydon Gusikowski duane.sawayn@example.org Alexandrinechester, Port Mario

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